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Boyke Nitipradja

Media Otomotif Online
“Hunter Motorcycles Product Line Ready to be Marketed in Indonesia”.
“We want to offer consumers a choice in mid-range size bikes with reasonable prices, good quality and low maintenance”.

Bucek Depp

Bucek Depp

“Wow.. very cool bike with surprisingly good handling and performance. It’s a pleasure to ride and great value for money”.


Bule Doyan Motor

“The best Adventure Touring Motorcycle in Indonesia.. the Hunter Maverick MV500”.

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Garth Hall

“My new Hunter Rebel is awesome! I could not be happier with my bike and the great service from Hunter Motorcycles”.

Pauly Fenech

Pauly Fenech

“A really sick bike ……. I challenge any other bike in the price range to be as good”.

Road Rider

Road Rider Cruiser Magazine

“When the bike rumbled up to the meeting area, jaws dropped wide.. a seriously breathtaking bike”.

Robbie Maddison

Robbie Maddison

“Hunter graciously allowed me 2 days to put this Maverick through it’s paces. Turned out to be 2 days of absolute riding pleasure. This bike is comfortable, well balanced, super responsive and handles like a dream. It’s effortless to maneuver in heavy traffic, tracks beautifully, slices through the bends and handles serious off-road terrain with ease. I love this bike – I did not want to give it back!”


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