Hunter Warranty & Service Card

Please carefully read our limited warranty policy to verify your product is eligible for warranty consideration.

Hunter Motorcycle Warranty

PT Hunter Motorcycles Indonesia (HMI), is the holder of the exclusive rights to distribute and sell Hunter Motorcycles and associated parts and accessories in all regions of Indonesia. HMI provides a warranty to the original retail purchaser for all Hunter motorcycles sold in Indonesia, providing that the motorcycle is maintained and used appropriately, with the terms and conditions of this warranty, as follows:



HMI provides a warranty for new Hunter motorcycles under the following conditions:

  • The Warranty Period is valid for two (2) years or 20,000 km (whichever is reached first) commencing from the date of purchase of the motorcycle.
  • The first one (1) year or 10,000 Km (whichever is reached first) of the Warranty Period provides for either the replacement or repair of parts, including labor costs.
  • The second one (1) year or 10,000 Km (whichever is reached first) of the Warranty Period provides for either the replacement or repair of parts only (excluding labor costs).



The warranty is only valid at Authorized Hunter Dealers (AHD) in Indonesia for Hunter motorcycles that have been maintained and used appropriately and only for the replacement or repair of parts that have failed or suffered damage as a result of:

  • Improper assembly/production process.
  • Failure of materials/material flaws.
  • Faulty or non-functional equipment.

as determined in accordance with an analysis performed by AHD.



Warranty claims should be lodged and will be processed as follows:

  • All warranty claims must be lodged within the Warranty Period.
  • Warranty work can only be done by an AHD within Indonesia and with the presentation of a valid Warranty and Service Card.
  • Deliver the motorcycle to an AHD, together with the Warranty and Service Card File as evidence that the Periodic Maintenance has been conducted correctly and completely by an AHD in accordance with the Periodic Maintenance Schedule on the Warranty and Service Card.
  • Fill out and complete the Claim Form provided by the AHD.
  • The analysis and assessment of warranty claims shall be done by the AHD.
  • Acceptance of your claim is entirely at the discretion of HMI through the AHD and HMI reserves the right to accept or reject a claim based on the compliance with terms and conditions of this warrant.
  • Ensure that the  Warranty and  Service  Card  File has been updated correctly and completely by the AHD after the completion of any service, maintenance and or warranty works.
  • If you think that the analysis of a warranty claim by the AHD is wrong, you can direct your complaint, including details of your full name, the name of the AHD, the motorcycle engine number, frame number, purchase date, odometer reading and the specific details of your claim/complaint directly to HMI for consideration (contact details are included on the website



The motorcycle warranty is conditional to the following:

  • For the duration of the Warranty Period, the motorcycle MUST be inspected, maintained and serviced regularly and all Routine Maintenance MUST be completed by an AHD in accordance with the Scheduled Routine Maintenance, which specifies the distance or time schedule, (whichever is reached first)  for each maintenance item.  Failure to have the motorcycle maintained and serviced regularly and have all Routine Maintenance completed by an AHD in accordance with the Scheduled Routine Maintenance schedule as shown on your Warranty and Service Card will render the warranty null and void.
  • The Warranty and Service Card File must be updated completely and correctly by an AHD after each Routine Maintenance and or warranty work that is completed. Failure to keep the Warranty and Service Card File up to date may result in the warranty being deemed null and void.
  • Ensure that you understand and implement the ongoing inspection and General Maintenance of the motorcycle and if you are aware of any part or condition that requires attention, correction, repair, or replacement, take the motorcycle immediately to an AHD and report the condition without delay. Failure to report such a condition immediately may render that condition (and any other claim that results from or is contributed to by that condition) to be deemed as excluded from this warranty.
  • Use only the type and specification of Engine Oil as specified in the Owner’s Manual.
  • Parts replaced under this warranty by AHD will deem to be owned by HMI.
  • The warranty for the Battery is limited to claims related to material defects or production faults, within a period of three (3) months from the date of purchase of the motorcycle or 5,000 km, whichever is reached first.
  • The motorcycle shall not be used for commercial purposes (including rental or leasing) whereby the motorcycle is driven by someone other than the owner of the motorcycle. Such use will render the warranty null and void.
  • The lodging of a false or fraudulent warranty claim will render the warranty null and void.



Hunter motorcycle warranty does not apply to or cover the following conditions:

  • Replacement of a complete Hunter motorcycle unit.
  • Repair or replacement of any items that have not been regularly inspected, maintained, and serviced in accordance with the General Maintenance described in the Owner’s Manual and the Scheduled Routine Maintenance as specified on the Warranty and Service Card, regardless of the use of free service coupons or not.
  • Any damage, deterioration, or failures due to the use of the motorcycle in competitions, such as racing, rally, motorcycle races, use under abnormal conditions including off-road use, if the motorcycle is rented/leased, loaned, or used commercially.
  • Damage or failures resulting from or associated with adjustments, maintenance, and/or repairs on the motorcycle done by anyone other than an AHD.
  • Either direct or indirect damage caused by a fall or accident. Indirect namely: damage caused by accidents involving other motorcycles, vehicles or third parties.
  • Damage caused or contributed to by alteration,  supplementation, or modification of the motorcycle or replacement with spare parts or accessories that are not genuine Hunter products. For example exhaust modification, CDI, tires, front and rear shock breakers, fuses, accessories, extras such as lights, alarms, and others.
  • Damage caused by or contributed to from the use of fuel and/or lubricant (oil) that does not comply with the specifications included in the Owner’s Manual.
  • Damage as a result of occurrences such as the forces of nature, natural disasters, fire, riots, attempted theft, contamination with chemicals, seawater, salt, tree sap, bird droppings, etc.
  • Damages caused by or contributed to from the negligence of the owner or failure to inspect and complete General Maintenance of the motorcycle in accordance with the instructions in the Owner’s Manual.
  • Damage caused by or contributed to the motorcycle being used or operated under extreme or abnormal conditions or failure to use the motorcycle in accordance with the instructions in the Owner’s Manual. Examples; carrying excessive loads, the use of oil or petrol additives, failing to clean the Air Cleaner after use in extremely dusty conditions, failing to follow the correct Running–In Procedure, riding the motorcycle on the beach, full or partial submersion in water, water damage due to cleaning or using the motorcycle in extreme off-road conditions.
  • Damage due to inappropriate or incorrect storage and/or transport.
  • The onset of the symptoms of normal use according to the Manufacturing Standard, such as noise, vibration, oil seepage, dulling or deterioration of surface finishes and other occurrences that do not affect the function of the motorcycle.
  • Parts normally damaged/consumed/worn resulting from the general use or maintenance/repair of the motorcycle, such as fuel filters, oil filter, the air filter, brake fluid, brake pads, brake discs, canvas clutch, clutch plate, front and rear gear sprockets, drive, bolts and nuts, cables, rubber footrests, hand grips, motor starter carbon brushes, radiator hoses, water impellor, fuel hose, spark plugs, nuts, bolts, washers, pins, bulbs and light lenses, mirrors, steering wheel locks, tires or inner tubes, seat upholstery, rubber parts, plastic parts, gaskets, oil seals, engine oil, gear oil, grease, battery fluid, paint, and chrome, etc.
  • Damage, fading, tarnish, flaking, peeling, oxidization or any other form of deterioration of any surface finish including but not limited to paint, lacquer, powder coating, galvanizing, polish, chrome, or decals.
  • Claims for the loss of time or the cost of transporting the motorcycle to and from an AHD, telephone costs, compensation costs, lodging expenses, hiring or using alternate personal transportation, property damage, injury to people, damage or loss of other equipment or property or any claims from third parties.
  • A motorcycle, regardless if it was not immediately used starting from the date of purchase or was never used at all, has exceeded the Warranty Period.


Service Card

It is very important that your motorcycle’s Scheduled Routine Maintenance is always completed by an Authorized Hunter Service Center in accordance with the kilometer schedule as specified on your Warranty and Service Card. Failure to comply with this schedule or to maintain you Warranty and Service Card could result in your motorcycle’s Warranty being deemed null and void.

Please study the following tutorial and ensure that you fully understand all the requirements.  Click here to see the sample.
If anything is unclear or you are unsure of any requirement, please consult with you Hunter Dealer.